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Duration 06 Months
  • Introduction on Survey, Overview
  • Chain Survey
  • Plane Table Survey
  • Prismatic Compass Survey
  • Settlement Amin works
  • Land Allotment
  • Land Measurement
  • Tracing Drawing

With Theory and Practical


Duration 12 Months
  • Introduction on Survey, Overview
  • Chain Survey
  • Plane Table Survey
  • Prismatic Compass Survey
  • Settlement Amin works
  • Land Allotment
  • Land Measurement
  • Tracing Drawing

With Theory and Practical


Duration 02 Months
  • Amin AutoCAD
  • Total Station
  • Auto Labeling
  • Digital Maping
  • GPS Plotting

With Theory and Practical

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Frequently asked Questions (FAQs)

Here are most asked questions by the students before taking admission to our Amin Survey Training Academy

An Amin is a person who uses science, mathematics, and geographical knowledge to determine the location and boundaries of a place on the surface of the earth. This involves a specific method of determining the nature of the land, locating the place on the surface, and accurately measuring the boundaries. Amin surveying is an essential part of this process, requiring expertise in drawing plans and determining distances. Although many people associate surveying with a person drawing a map with a prismatic compass or plane table, the reality is far more complex. Despite the widespread familiarity with the term "Amin," a true understanding of the concept and its importance in the field of surveying remains limited for many.

This explanation highlights the differences in technical expertise between Land Surveyors and Amin Surveyors. Land Surveyors are individuals who are fully qualified in engineering surveys, which means they have received specialised training and education in this field. As technical persons, Land Surveyors possess the knowledge and skills required to conduct complex surveys and produce accurate and detailed results. On the other hand, Amin Surveyors are non-technical persons and are not supposed to have the same level of expertise in engineering surveys as Land Surveyors. While they may be familiar with surveying techniques and tools, their primary role is to assist Land Surveyors in their work. This could involve preparing equipment and materials, taking measurements, and recording data. It's important to note that both Land Surveyors and Amin Surveyors play important roles in surveying projects. While Land Surveyors provide the technical expertise necessary to conduct surveys and produce accurate results, Amin Surveyors support their work and ensure that the necessary equipment and materials are available. By working together, Land Surveyors and Amin Surveyors can complete surveys efficiently and effectively, providing valuable data that can be used in a wide range of applications, from construction projects to environmental assessments.

There are two types of Amin Survey Courses, one is a Certificate in Amin Survey, which typically has a duration of 6 months, and a Diploma in Amin Survey, which usually lasts for 12 months or 1 year. A Certificate in Amin Survey course is a short-term program that provides basic knowledge and skills in surveying techniques and tools. This includes 2 months of in-depth Theory classes and 4 months of in-field Practical classes. This program is designed to prepare individuals for entry-level positions as surveying assistants or Amins. On the other hand, a Diploma in Amin Survey course is a longer program that provides more comprehensive training in surveying principles and practices. This includes 4 months of in-depth Theory classes and 8 months of in-field Practical classes. This program is designed to prepare individuals for more advanced positions in the surveying field.

The minimum eligibility criteria for admission to an Amin Survey Course typically include a passing grade in class 10 from a recognized board or institution, basic knowledge of mathematics and English, good health and physical fitness, and a minimum age of 16. Additional requirements, such as a personal interview or qualifying test.

The fees for Amin survey Course in a reputed and trusted academy or organisation should be around ₹9000 to₹15000, as they care for in-depth learning and practical-based, real field-oriented learning approaches.

By completing the course, individuals can acquire the necessary knowledge and skills to work in surveying or even establish their own Amin surveying consultancy service. One of the main advantages of pursuing a career in surveying is the potential for self-employment. By providing amin surveying services to individuals and businesses, amin surveyors can earn a good income and work on their own terms. In addition to self-employment opportunities, completing an Amin Survey Course can also prepare individuals for employment in government or private sector jobs related to land settlement and Amin Surveyor in Forest Depertment, Block/District Land & Land Reform Depertment. There is a demand for skilled amin surveying professionals in fields such as construction, real estate, land measurement and one’s individual land settlement works, etc. Finally, establishing one's own surveying consultancy service can be a lucrative option for those who have completed the Amin Survey Course. According to current market trends, surveying professionals can earn anywhere from ₹15000 to ₹45000 for their services. It's important to note that income potential and job opportunities can vary depending on a variety of factors, such as location, experience, and demand. Interested individuals should research the market and seek advice from professionals in the field to obtain a more accurate understanding of the opportunities available.

Individuals who wish to work as Amin surveyors must obtain a license from their local government body such as the Panchayat, Municipality or Corporation. The license is typically issued by the local government body after the individual has completed the necessary education and training in Amin surveying and has passed the required examinations from government registered academy/institution. The license serves as proof that the individual has the necessary knowledge and skills to perform Amin surveying duties and responsibilities. It's important to note that the requirements for obtaining a license can vary depending on the jurisdiction and local regulations. Interested individuals should research the specific requirements in their area and seek guidance from professionals in the field to ensure that they meet the necessary criteria for obtaining a license.

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